New Yorkers Love Their Slot Machines

Not too long ago, if you wanted to gamble legally and lived in NYC you had to drive three-plus hours down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City or several hours to the casinos in Connecticut. Today there are over 11,000 video gaming / slot machines at New York area casinos.

We’ve dug into the numbers to give you some insight into how much these machines bring in and what the odds are for the gambler.

We’ll look at two NYC area where you can play video gaming machines: Resorts World in Jamaica and Empire City Casino in Yonkers. All of the statistics in this article are for the month of October 2018 which is the last full month of data that is currently available.

Resorts World Casino

There are 5,545 gaming machines at the Resorts World Casino in Jamaica. During October gamblers played almost $1,115 billion in credits in the machines. In addition, over $9.5 million in free play credits were played.

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Gamblers won $1.050 billion leaving the casino with a net win of over $54.6 million. Each of the 5,545 won on average $318 per day for the casino. On a percentage basis, the casino hold rate was 4.9% while the customer win rate was 95.1%

Empire City Casino

Empire City Casino, located at Yonkers Raceway, is close in size to Resorts World. Its 5,222 machines had action of over $817 million during October. In addition, almost $7.5 million of free credit play was wagered during the month.

Gamblers won over $762 million from the machines in October and the net win for the casino was almost $47.4 million. This translates into a win rate for the gamblers of 94.2% and a hold rate for the casino of 5.8%. Each of the 5,222 gaming machines won an average of $293 per day during October.


Overall, at these two New York City area casinos, gamblers wagered over $1.9 billion just in October. Gamblers won over $1.8 billion while the casino operators won over $100 million. And all of this happened without NY’ers having to enter New Jersey!