Hard Rock Atlantic City to Soon Offer In Casino and Online Sports Betting

If you walk around the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City looking for the sports book, you won’t find it because it does not exist. But that will change very soon!

It was announced yesterday that Hard Rock has partnered with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) to provide Hard Rock customers with sports wagering. The sports book is expected to open during the first quarter of 2019.

The deal, announced in a press release, will offer an “omni-channel” sports betting experience for Hard Rock patrons. Not only will GiG technology power the on-site casino’s sports book, but it will also drive sports wagering on Hard 

Rock’s iPhone and Android apps as well as HardRockCasino.com. Like all other Atlantic City online casinos, the apps and website will only accept wagers from gamblers physically located in the state of New Jersey.

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In a statement about the soon to open sport book, Hard Rock’s senior Vice President of online gaming, Kresimir Spajic, said

“The forthcoming launch of the Hard Rock Sportsbook in New Jersey will mark another step towards becoming a significant player in the national and international sports betting and online gaming industry.”

In the months since the Supreme Court ruled against a decades-old ban on most sports gambling in the United States and the swift passage of a New Jersey law allowing it, sports books have been opening at a rapid pace in Atlantic City. Seven of AC’s nine casinos currently operate sports books. Only Caesars and Hard Rock are currently without a sports book in their casinos.

The sports books in Atlantic City vary in terms of customer experience. They range from pretty horrible (Harrah’s) to almost Vegas-like (Ocean Resort) to having a great viewing experience (Golden Nugget). To get a feel of what the AC sports books offer, check out David Weinberg’ article in the Press of Atlantic City where he wrote a great piece about his experience at various AC sports books back in October.

Sports books have added a new excitement factor in Atlantic City casinos and the arrival of the book at Hard Rock will help round out the offerings at this great casino.

Harrah’s and Borgata are the Two Best Atlantic City Casinos for Slot Players

Every month the casinos in Atlantic City are required to submit various revenue statistics to the state of New Jersey. One of those stats is the percentage of slot play that the casino wins. We dug into the slot win data provided by the casinos to determine which AC casinos, on average, have the best slots for gamblers.

The data we used for this study is simply the 100.0% – the slot win percentage for the casinos. For example, if a casino recorded a 9.0% slot win for the month then the slot win for the gamblers was 100.0% – 9.0%, or 91.0%.

We looked at the slot wins for the last twelve months of available data, or November 2017 through October 2018. While the spread between the highest payout rate and the lowest may not at first seem huge, when you consider the tens of millions of dollars that are bet in the slot machines each month the payout to gamblers really adds up.

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Here’s a look at the slot machine payout rates for each Atlantic City casino over the past year:

To help clarify which AC casino has the best slots for gamblers we then ranked each casino based on the slot payout for each of the last twelve months. The casino with a rank of one had the highest slot payout to customers during the month. As you will see below, the outcome is amazing. Either Harrah’s and Borgata had the best (lowest) payout rate rank EVERY month over the last year. Harrah’s had the best payout for 7 months and Borgata for 6 months (Harrah’s and Borgata were tied in June 2018).

Note that Hard Rock and Ocean Resort only have rankings since they opened their doors in June.

Taking things one step further, we then averaged the ranks over the last twelve months for each AC casino. Harrah’s and Borgata obviously had the best (lowest) average twelve month ranks.

Besides Harrah’s and Borgata having the best payout rate ranks in Atlantic City, a few other interesting things jump out after looking at this data. The two other Caesars Entertainment casinos in town, besides Harrah’s, came in third and fourth. Caesars and Bally’s, while never claiming the number one or two spot on slot payout rate ranks, were significantly better than most other casinos in town.

Another interesting observation is that the two newcomers in town were dead last in terms of slot payouts to gamblers. Hard Rock’s average slot payout rank since it opened in May was 7.2, placing it just ahead of Ocean Resort which had the worst slot payout rank in Atlantic City.

So, does this mean that if you play slots at Borgata or Harrah’s that you will win? Of course not! The payout varies from machine to machine, and even from denomination to denomination. Unfortunately, we do not have more granular data to analyze, but this study does point to the casinos that are offering the best overall slot payouts in town.

Battle of the Atlantic City Newcomers: Hard Rock vs Ocean Resort

The Short Take:

  • After over five months in operation, Hard Rock is becoming an Atlantic City casino leader while Ocean Resort lags
  • Hard Rock won $23.2 million in its casino in October, compared to $13.1 million for Ocean Resort
  • Wins from slot machines totaled $15.1 million at Hard Rock versus $8.2 million at Ocean Resort
  • Wins from table games at Hard Rock in October totaled $8.1 million while Ocean Resort had only $4.7 million in table game wins

Since Hard Rock and Ocean Resort have been open on the Atlantic City Boardwalk for about five months now, we decided to take a look at some key casino stats to see how these two newcomers are doing.  We’ll use the October 2018 data that was just released last week for this comparison.

Total Casino Win

The overall casino win is a good indicator of the level of business in a casino.  It is the total amount that the casino won for the month from all of the table games and slots in the casino.  By this measure, Hard Rock is, by far, doing better than Ocean Resort.  The Hard Rock’s total casino win for October was $23.2 million, compared to $13.1 million for Ocean Resort.

Hard Rock, after less than six months in operation, controlled 11.6% of the total casino wins city-wide.  In fact, only Borgata (25.3%), Tropicana (12.5%) and Harrah’s (11.9%) took larger portions of the casino wins during October.  Ocean Resort, on the other hand, had a 6.5% casino win market share. This placed the Ocean Resort dead last in Atlantic City, just behind the much smaller Resorts.

Slot Win

Casinos typically get the majority of their total wins from slot machines, and Hard Rock and Ocean Resort are no different.  During the month, Hard Rock won $15.1 million from slots, almost twice that of Ocean Resort’s $8.2 million.

The Hard Rock’s October slot win equates to 10.6% of the total slot wins in Atlantic City.  Once again, Hard Rock is fourth in slot wins in the city behind Borgata (23.7%), Tropicana (14.0%) and Harrah’s (12.9%).  Ocean Resort’s 5.8% slot market share places it last among the AC casinos, about 1% lower than Bally’s.

Table Games Win

Hard Rock dominated Ocean Resort at the gaming tables.  Hard Rock’s $8.1 million in table games wins converts to a 14.4% city-wide market share.  Only two other casinos in town had a higher table games win market share: Borgata (28.2%) and Caesars (10.8%).

Ocean Resort can finally claim a casino category that it was not last in Atlantic City.  It’s $4.7 million in table games wins gave it a 8.4% market share in October.  This beat out two casinos which had lower market share, but which are also much smaller casinos: Golden Nugget (6.5%) and Resorts (5.1%).

Here’s a look at the casino win statistics for Hard Rock and Ocean Resort for October:


Additional Statistics

We’ve gathered some additional statistics about the Hard Rock and Ocean Resort casinos that you may find interesting.  All data is as of October month-end:

Casino Square Footage:

Hard Rock: 119.901 square feet

Ocean Resort: 131,083 square feet

Number of Slot Machines

Hard Rock: 2,065

Ocean Resort: 1,937

Win Per Slot Machine for Month:

Hard Rock: $7,333

Ocean Resort: $4,243

Number of Table Games

Hard Rock: 152

Ocean Resort: 107

Win Per Table Game for Month:

Hard Rock: $53,300

Ocean Resort: $44,026

Number of Poker Tables:

Hard Rock: 0

Ocean Resort: 8

Win (Rake) Per Poker Table for Month:

Hard Rock: n/a

Ocean Resort: $19,381