Preview of WYNN Third Quarter Report

When Wynn Resorts reports its third quarter earnings on Wednesday, November 7, they will issue a bevy of data. Of course, they will announce the quarterly EPS and total Revenue, but they will also provide company-specific revenue drivers that can be just as important as EPS.

To prepare for the Wynn Q3 2018 report, we’ve put together some data from the Q3 2017 quarter.  These are good metrics to keep an eye on when Wynn reports on Wednesday and compare what is reported with the comparable 2017 data.

Important note:the Q3 2017 data below has not yet been adjusted for ASU No. 2014-09, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, which reclassifies promotional items such as comps from mainly Casino revenue to the appropriate segment based on the good or service provided. The Q3 2017 data should be updated when Wynn reports its Q3 2018 earnings.

The first item to watch for is revenue by segment.  Wynn usually provides revenue in four segments, with Casino revenue and Rooms revenue probably the most important to watch.

Company-Wide Operating Revenues by Segment Q3 2017
Casino Revenue $1,256,602
Rooms Revenue $175,108
Food and Beverage Revenue $190,854
Entertainment, Retail & Other Revenue $105,500


Next, Casino revenue by property provides insight into how the company’s casinos are doing in its two big revenue regions – Macau and Las Vegas:

Casino Revenue by Property Q3 2017
Wynn Macau $567,667
Wynn Palace $514,518
Las Vegas Operations $174,417


Hotel revenue is very important for Wynn.  We expect the usual hotel statistics when Wynn reports later this week, including Occupancy, ADR and RevPAR:

Hotel Occupancy Q3 2017
Wynn Macau 97.3%
Wynn Palace 96.1%
Las Vegas Operations 91.4%


Average Daily Rate (ADR) Q3 2017
Wynn Macau $246
Wynn Palace $219
Las Vegas Operations $299


Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) Q3 2017
Wynn Macau $240
Wynn Palace $211
Las Vegas Operations $273

We’ll have full coverage of Wynn’s Q3 announcement on Wednesday, with special attention to the company-specific revenue drivers, so check back then!

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