Historical Performance of WYNN After Earnings

Looking forward to WYNN’s earnings release on 7/27/17, I decided to take a look at how the company’s stock price has reacted to past earnings announcements.

The methodology used is pretty simple. I calculated the price performance of WYNN stock from the close of trading the day prior to the earnings announcement to the close the day after the earnings announcement.

As an example, last quarter WYNN reported on 4/25/17. The price performance of +8.3% is the performance from the close on 4/24/17 through the close on 4/26/17.  The stocks performance following earnings releases are shown for the last 12 quarters in the table below.

WYNN Stock Performance After Earnings

Report DateEPS Beat/MissPrice Performance

The first column shows the date of the earnings release.  The second column shows the percentage by which the announced EPS beat or missed the consensus sell-side estimates.  The third column shows the price performance from the close one day before the earnings release date to the close one day after.

In the last 12 quarters, WYNN beat the consensus EPS estimate six times.  Of those six quarters with EPS beats, the stock had positive price performance four times, was flat one time and was negative two times.  Of the six quarters with EPS misses, the price performance was positive three times and negative three times.

As we all know, stocks trade on much more that EPS beats or misses nowadays, but this analysis can give you a good feel for how the stock price reacts to during earning announcments.

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