An Overview of Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City currently has nine casinos. They range from the very small Golden Nugget to giant resorts like Borgata and the newly opened Hard Rock.

We’ve compiled some interesting statistics about each of the AC casinos. From the number of table games and slots to the size of the casino floors, read on to learn more about your favorite Atlantic City casino.

Number of Slot Machines

Slot machines make up the majority of any casino’s floor. The banks of slot machines can seem like they go on forever.

Borgata has the most slots with 2,825. Tropicana and Harrah’s follow Borgata with 2,452 and 2,101 machines, respectively.

Resorts has the least number of slot machines. It’s 1,416 machines is about half that of Borgata. Golden Nugget has a handful more slots than Resorts, with 1,460.

In total there are 17,916 slot machines in Atlantic City. Here is a look at the number of slot machines at each Atlantic City casino:

Number of Table Games

Borgata also has the most number of table games (183) such as blackjack, craps, roulette and various specialty poker games like 3 card poker and flop poker. One of the newcomers on the Boardwalk, Hard Rock which opened in the redeveloped Taj Mahal building earlier this spring, has the second most table games in Atlantic City with 152. The three Caesars Entertainment properties, Harrah’s, Caesars and Bally’s, are next on the list with 133, 131, and 122 table games, respectively.

Resorts and Golden Nugget have the least number of table games in Atlantic City. Resorts has 68 and Golden Nugget has 81.

In total ,there are currently 1084 table games in Atlantic City. Here’s an overview of the number of table games at each Atlantic City casino:

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Number of Poker Tables

Six of the nine Atlantic City casinos have poker rooms. The biggest, as of October 2018, is Borgata which has 89 poker tables. Surprisingly, Bally’s has the second most poker tables in the city with 42, followed closely by Harrah’s 37 tables. Resorts, Hard Rock and Caesars do not have poker rooms.

In total, there are currently 203 poker tables in Atlantic City. Here’s the a snapshot of the number of poker tables at each Atlantic City casino:

Size of Casino Floor

Atlantic City casinos vary in size. Some are enormous with their banks of slots and table game pits going on forever. Others are smaller and more intimate.

The largest Atlantic City casino, Harrah’s, is almost twice the size of Golden Nugget, which is the smallest casino. Harrah’s has 156,284 square feet of gaming space. Golden Nugget has 78,464 square feet. Resorts is also small, with 82,877 square feet. Borgata is about 20,000 square feet smaller than Harrah’s, at about 136K square feet and Resorts is about 4K square feet bigger than Golden Nugget.

In total there are currently 1,076,417 square feet of casino floor space in Atlantic City. Here’s an overview of how each casino stacks up:

Hotel Rooms

The marina rules in terms of hotel rooms in Atlantic City. Borgata operates the largest hotel with 2,767 rooms and suites. Harrah’s has the second most hotel rooms in the city with 2,587. Golden Nugget add 717 rooms to the AC marina, although this is the smallest hotel in Atlantic City.

Tropicana has the most hotel rooms on the Boardwalk with 2,366. The newly renovated hotel at Hard Rock is number two on the Boardwalk with 1,971 rooms.

In total there are currently 15,100 hotel rooms in Atlantic City. Here’s a breakdown by hotel:

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