An Overview of Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City currently has nine casinos. They range from the very small Golden Nugget to giant resorts like Borgata and the newly opened Hard Rock.

We’ve compiled some interesting statistics about each of the AC casinos. From the number of table games and slots to the size of the casino floors, read on to learn more about your favorite Atlantic City casino.

Number of Slot Machines

Slot machines make up the majority of any casino’s floor. The banks of slot machines can seem like they go on forever.

Borgata has the most slots with 2,825. Tropicana and Harrah’s follow Borgata with 2,452 and 2,101 machines, respectively.

Resorts has the least number of slot machines. It’s 1,416 machines is about half that of Borgata. Golden Nugget has a handful more slots than Resorts, with 1,460.

In total there are 17,916 slot machines in Atlantic City. Here is a look at the number of slot machines at each Atlantic City casino:

Number of Table Games

Borgata also has the most number of table games (183) such as blackjack, craps, roulette and various specialty poker games like 3 card poker and flop poker. One of the newcomers on the Boardwalk, Hard Rock which opened in the redeveloped Taj Mahal building earlier this spring, has the second most table games in Atlantic City with 152. The three Caesars Entertainment properties, Harrah’s, Caesars and Bally’s, are next on the list with 133, 131, and 122 table games, respectively.

Resorts and Golden Nugget have the least number of table games in Atlantic City. Resorts has 68 and Golden Nugget has 81.

In total ,there are currently 1084 table games in Atlantic City. Here’s an overview of the number of table games at each Atlantic City casino:

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Number of Poker Tables

Six of the nine Atlantic City casinos have poker rooms. The biggest, as of October 2018, is Borgata which has 89 poker tables. Surprisingly, Bally’s has the second most poker tables in the city with 42, followed closely by Harrah’s 37 tables. Resorts, Hard Rock and Caesars do not have poker rooms.

In total, there are currently 203 poker tables in Atlantic City. Here’s the a snapshot of the number of poker tables at each Atlantic City casino:

Size of Casino Floor

Atlantic City casinos vary in size. Some are enormous with their banks of slots and table game pits going on forever. Others are smaller and more intimate.

The largest Atlantic City casino, Harrah’s, is almost twice the size of Golden Nugget, which is the smallest casino. Harrah’s has 156,284 square feet of gaming space. Golden Nugget has 78,464 square feet. Resorts is also small, with 82,877 square feet. Borgata is about 20,000 square feet smaller than Harrah’s, at about 136K square feet and Resorts is about 4K square feet bigger than Golden Nugget.

In total there are currently 1,076,417 square feet of casino floor space in Atlantic City. Here’s an overview of how each casino stacks up:

Hotel Rooms

The marina rules in terms of hotel rooms in Atlantic City. Borgata operates the largest hotel with 2,767 rooms and suites. Harrah’s has the second most hotel rooms in the city with 2,587. Golden Nugget add 717 rooms to the AC marina, although this is the smallest hotel in Atlantic City.

Tropicana has the most hotel rooms on the Boardwalk with 2,366. The newly renovated hotel at Hard Rock is number two on the Boardwalk with 1,971 rooms.

In total there are currently 15,100 hotel rooms in Atlantic City. Here’s a breakdown by hotel:

For more interesting Atlantic City stats, read our recent articles about the casinos’ table game wins, slot wins, and total casino wins. We also have an interesting article about the battle between the new casinos in town – Hard Rock vs Ocean Resort, and why Caesars Entertainment has an Atlantic City problem.

Sports Book to Open at Tiverton Casino in Rhode Island Today

The sports book at Tiverton Casino in Rhode Island, located near the Massachusetts border, will open later this afternoon. Tiverton will be the second casino in Rhode Island to offer legal sports betting. Twin River casino opened its sports book last week.

The Tiverton and Twin River casinos are currently the only legal sports betting options in New England. The nearby Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun do not yet have sports books and they will not have sports betting for the foreseeable future since the Connecticut state government pushed back discussions until 2019 on legislation that would legalize sports betting in the state.

After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal law that all but banned sports betting in most of the United States outside of Nevada, sports books have been opening throughout the country. Before a casino can offer sports wagering the state it resides in must first legalize sports betting.

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In the Northeast, both New Jersey and Pennsylvania offer legal sports betting. Seven casinos in Atlantic City now operate sports books and the Hard Rock Atlantic City just announced last week that it would be opening its own sports book in the first quarter of 2019. The Hollywood Casino at Penn National Raceway was the first to open a sports book in Pennsylvania. More sports books are expected to open in that state later this month and into 2019.

Tiverton Casino told NBC 10 that it expects its sports book to open at 3:00 this afternoon. Keep an eye on the casino’s sports book page for more details.

Hard Rock Atlantic City to Soon Offer In Casino and Online Sports Betting

If you walk around the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City looking for the sports book, you won’t find it because it does not exist. But that will change very soon!

It was announced yesterday that Hard Rock has partnered with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) to provide Hard Rock customers with sports wagering. The sports book is expected to open during the first quarter of 2019.

The deal, announced in a press release, will offer an “omni-channel” sports betting experience for Hard Rock patrons. Not only will GiG technology power the on-site casino’s sports book, but it will also drive sports wagering on Hard 

Rock’s iPhone and Android apps as well as Like all other Atlantic City online casinos, the apps and website will only accept wagers from gamblers physically located in the state of New Jersey.

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In a statement about the soon to open sport book, Hard Rock’s senior Vice President of online gaming, Kresimir Spajic, said

“The forthcoming launch of the Hard Rock Sportsbook in New Jersey will mark another step towards becoming a significant player in the national and international sports betting and online gaming industry.”

In the months since the Supreme Court ruled against a decades-old ban on most sports gambling in the United States and the swift passage of a New Jersey law allowing it, sports books have been opening at a rapid pace in Atlantic City. Seven of AC’s nine casinos currently operate sports books. Only Caesars and Hard Rock are currently without a sports book in their casinos.

The sports books in Atlantic City vary in terms of customer experience. They range from pretty horrible (Harrah’s) to almost Vegas-like (Ocean Resort) to having a great viewing experience (Golden Nugget). To get a feel of what the AC sports books offer, check out David Weinberg’ article in the Press of Atlantic City where he wrote a great piece about his experience at various AC sports books back in October.

Sports books have added a new excitement factor in Atlantic City casinos and the arrival of the book at Hard Rock will help round out the offerings at this great casino.

New Yorkers Love Their Slot Machines

Not too long ago, if you wanted to gamble legally and lived in NYC you had to drive three-plus hours down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City or several hours to the casinos in Connecticut. Today there are over 11,000 video gaming / slot machines at New York area casinos.

We’ve dug into the numbers to give you some insight into how much these machines bring in and what the odds are for the gambler.

We’ll look at two NYC area where you can play video gaming machines: Resorts World in Jamaica and Empire City Casino in Yonkers. All of the statistics in this article are for the month of October 2018 which is the last full month of data that is currently available.

Resorts World Casino

There are 5,545 gaming machines at the Resorts World Casino in Jamaica. During October gamblers played almost $1,115 billion in credits in the machines. In addition, over $9.5 million in free play credits were played.

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Gamblers won $1.050 billion leaving the casino with a net win of over $54.6 million. Each of the 5,545 won on average $318 per day for the casino. On a percentage basis, the casino hold rate was 4.9% while the customer win rate was 95.1%

Empire City Casino

Empire City Casino, located at Yonkers Raceway, is close in size to Resorts World. Its 5,222 machines had action of over $817 million during October. In addition, almost $7.5 million of free credit play was wagered during the month.

Gamblers won over $762 million from the machines in October and the net win for the casino was almost $47.4 million. This translates into a win rate for the gamblers of 94.2% and a hold rate for the casino of 5.8%. Each of the 5,222 gaming machines won an average of $293 per day during October.


Overall, at these two New York City area casinos, gamblers wagered over $1.9 billion just in October. Gamblers won over $1.8 billion while the casino operators won over $100 million. And all of this happened without NY’ers having to enter New Jersey!

Two Indiana Casinos Near Chicago Changing Hands

Just a short drive from Chicago, along the shorelines of Lake Michigan, two casinos have found new owners.

Spectacle Entertainment will purchase the two casinos at Gary, Indiana’s Buffington Harbor, named Majestic Star Casino and Majestic Star Casino II, from Majestic Holdings.

The Majestic Star Casinos in Gary, IN

Spectacle Entertainment is headed by Rod Ratcliff who is formally the CEO of Centaur Gaming which was associated with Caesars Entertainment (CZR).

Along with the two casinos at Buffington Harbor, the transaction includes a 300 room hotel as well as a parking garage. One of the casinos was originally owned by now President Trump’s Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts, Inc which declared bankruptcy in 2004.

The Majestic Star casinos are the second and third smallest casinos in Indiana in terms of casino wins. Combined, they ring in about $150 million in casino wins a year.

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While the casinos’ close proximity to Chicago should be a positive, the new owners are looking forward to potentially moving the two casinos to other areas of Gary and Indiana. The casinos’ current home, Buffington Harbor, is slated to be turned into a transit hub which would require the casinos to move. Spectacle has said it is looking at moving one casino within Gary and the other casino to another part of Indiana.

Spectacle hopes to close the deal for the two Majestic Star casinos during the first quarter of 2019, pending Indiana Gaming Commission approval.

Harrah’s and Borgata are the Two Best Atlantic City Casinos for Slot Players

Every month the casinos in Atlantic City are required to submit various revenue statistics to the state of New Jersey. One of those stats is the percentage of slot play that the casino wins. We dug into the slot win data provided by the casinos to determine which AC casinos, on average, have the best slots for gamblers.

The data we used for this study is simply the 100.0% – the slot win percentage for the casinos. For example, if a casino recorded a 9.0% slot win for the month then the slot win for the gamblers was 100.0% – 9.0%, or 91.0%.

We looked at the slot wins for the last twelve months of available data, or November 2017 through October 2018. While the spread between the highest payout rate and the lowest may not at first seem huge, when you consider the tens of millions of dollars that are bet in the slot machines each month the payout to gamblers really adds up.

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Here’s a look at the slot machine payout rates for each Atlantic City casino over the past year:

To help clarify which AC casino has the best slots for gamblers we then ranked each casino based on the slot payout for each of the last twelve months. The casino with a rank of one had the highest slot payout to customers during the month. As you will see below, the outcome is amazing. Either Harrah’s and Borgata had the best (lowest) payout rate rank EVERY month over the last year. Harrah’s had the best payout for 7 months and Borgata for 6 months (Harrah’s and Borgata were tied in June 2018).

Note that Hard Rock and Ocean Resort only have rankings since they opened their doors in June.

Taking things one step further, we then averaged the ranks over the last twelve months for each AC casino. Harrah’s and Borgata obviously had the best (lowest) average twelve month ranks.

Besides Harrah’s and Borgata having the best payout rate ranks in Atlantic City, a few other interesting things jump out after looking at this data. The two other Caesars Entertainment casinos in town, besides Harrah’s, came in third and fourth. Caesars and Bally’s, while never claiming the number one or two spot on slot payout rate ranks, were significantly better than most other casinos in town.

Another interesting observation is that the two newcomers in town were dead last in terms of slot payouts to gamblers. Hard Rock’s average slot payout rank since it opened in May was 7.2, placing it just ahead of Ocean Resort which had the worst slot payout rank in Atlantic City.

So, does this mean that if you play slots at Borgata or Harrah’s that you will win? Of course not! The payout varies from machine to machine, and even from denomination to denomination. Unfortunately, we do not have more granular data to analyze, but this study does point to the casinos that are offering the best overall slot payouts in town.

Harrah’s Atlantic City is Remodeling the Harbor Hotel Tower and Rebranding it the Coastal Tower

Caesars Entertainment (CZR) continues to reinvest in its Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. After a remodel of the Pool, completion of its new convention center, drawing Gordon Ramsey Steak to replace its aging steakhouse and revamping its coffee shop, Harrah’s is in the midst of a total remodel of its Harbor Tower.

The Harbor Tower was one of the first hotel towers at Harrah’s and was in bad need of a remodel. All hotel rooms in the tower will be remodeled. Harrah’s brought in MPM Studios to help with the design.

After the remodel is complete, the hotel tower will be rebranded the Coastal Tower. The newly redesigned tower will boast 507 hotel rooms with approximately 450 square feet of living space each and a focus on technology. Rooms will be equipped with both WiFi as well as hard-wired internet, something that business travelers crave, as well as 55-inch TVs.

This is a much needed upgrade. The old Harbor Tower was definitely showing its age.

With new competition in the Atlantic City market, the legacy casinos definitely need to make changes to keep up with the hip Hard Rock and the modern Ocean Resort. Based on revenue statistics released earlier this month, these two newcomers in AC, especially Hard Rock, are eating in to the legacy casinos’ market share.

The remodel of the Harbor Tower follows the 2017 revamp of Harrah’s Bayview tower. In that project, Harrah’s redecorated 444 hotel rooms.

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Caesars Entertainment has been spending heavily on renovating its hotel rooms, especially in Las Vegas. Here’s an overview of the hotel room remodel projects that Caesars completed since 2015:

In addition to these completed hotel remodel projects and the ongoing remodel of the Harbor Tower at Harrah’s Atlantic City, CZR is planning several additional hotel room renovations:

  • Paris Las Vegas – remodel of 1,596 rooms starting in 2018
  • Harrah’s Las Vegas – remodel of 918 rooms in the Mardi Gras Tower, beginning in 2019
  • Flamingo Las Vegas – remodel of an addition 1.075 hotel rooms, with no determined start date yet
  • Caesars Palace Las Vegas – remodel of 453 hotel rooms in the Forum Tower, with no determined start date yet

With all of this capital expenditure on hotel rooms, CZR is making a serious investment to remain a leader in the gaming market. This is needed since the competition, both in destination areas such as Las Vegas as well as local markets, is only getting stronger.

Eldorado Resorts Partners with The Stars Group for Online Sports and Casino Wagering

Eldorado Resorts (ERI) announced that it has partnered with The Stars Group (TSG). In this 20 year deal, TSG will provide online sports, internet gaming and online poker under the ERI casino brands.

ERI Partners with TSG for Internet and Sports Gaming
ERI Partners with TSG for Internet and Sports Gaming

The Stars Group brings its expertise in online gaming and internet sports betting. TSG owns well-known internet gambling brands such as PokerStars, BetStars and Full Tilt, among others. This is really a turnkey solution for Eldorado and provides a much quicker and cheaper solution than developing and maintaining its own online gaming solutions.

As part of the deal, in addition to revenue share, Eldorado will obtain an equity interest in The Stars Group. At the onset, ERI will receive a $25 million equity interest in TSG. TSG has the option for an additional equity interest of $5 million which it can excessive in the future.

This deal with TSG comes on the heels of Eldorado’s deal with William Hill back in September. Through that deal, William Hill will run the in-casino sports books in Eldorado casinos for the next 25 years.

Eldorado has also been in expansion mode lately. Most recently, it acquired most of the Tropicana casinos, including the Trops in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

See our related ERI coverage:

Eldorado Resorts’ Casino Revenue Increases; Hotel Revenue Decreases

Eldorado Resorts Regional Revenues Fall in Q3 2018

With sports betting and online gambling taking hold legally throughout the country, the ERI partnership with TSG makes great strategic sense and offers ERI the opportunities to expand online in a much more strategic and seamless way.

Hollywood Casino at Penn National is First Casino in Pennsylvania to Offer Sports Betting

The wait is over for legal sports betting in Pennsylvania as the Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course has begun taking sports wagers.

Hollywood Casino PA First in State to Open Sports Book
Hollywood Casino PA First in State to Open Sports Book

Hollywood’s sports book is located just steps off of the casino floor close to the Skybox Sports Bar. The casino’s sports book offers betting on all major sports including football, basketball, hockey, soccer and baseball. It also takes wagers on other sports such as boxing, rugby, cycling and even MMA events.

While Hollywood Casino is the only casino in Pennsylvania to operate a sports book for the moment, other casinos will be following in its footsteps very soon. SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia and Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh are slated to open their sports books on December 1 while Harrah’s Philadelphia and Parx Casino hope to open by the end of December.

Sports fans are not the only ones to applaud the arrival of sports betting in Pennsylvania. The state itself is expected to rack in the cash. Each casino that wants to offer sports betting has to pay a $10 million fee to the state. In addition, the state gets 34% of each casino’s sports betting profits.

The local governments are not missing out on the action either. The local governments that host the casinos will receive 1% of profits plus the local county will also receive 1%.

Sports betting in Pennsylvania will compete with legal sports books already operating in seven states. Most directly, PA sports books will go head-to-head with the newly opened sports books in Atlantic City. Most of the major AC casinos, including Harrah’s, Ocean Resort and Golden Nugget, have had their sports books up and running for several months.

As 2018 comes to a close, Pennsylvania sports and gambling fans have one more reason to celebrate and gamble locally – sports betting has arrived in the state!

Twin River Casino Opens First Sports Book in New England

While sports betting has been popping up at casinos in seven states across the country, New England got its first legal sports book this week.

Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI started taking sports bets on Monday, several months after the groundbreaking Supreme Court decision that gave states the ability to legalize sports betting by striking down a federal law that outlawed most types of sports betting outside of Nevada.

Twin River in Lincoln opened its sports book on Monday, November 26. The Tiverton Casino is expected to debut its own sports book within a few weeks.

Rhode Island is hoping to bring in millions in tax revenue from legal sports betting in the state. In fact, the state had $25.5 million sports betting tax revenue in the state budget, but that assumed that sports betting would begin in the state on October 1. With the nearly two month delay many observers predict that this year’s tax revenue will be approximately $12 million.

Revenue from the Twin River’s sports book will be divided by the casino, the operator of the sports book and the state. Twin River is contracting out the operation of the sports book to William Hill and IGT William Hill operates several new casino sports books, including at Ocean Resort in Atlantic City. At Twin River the contractors will receive 32% of the sports betting revenue. The state of Rhode Island is slotted to receive 51% of the sports betting revenue in the form of taxes. Twin River will receive the remaining 17% of the sports betting revenue.

Twin River Casino, and soon Tiverton Casino, are in a competitive advantage when it comes to sports betting in New England. The nearby giants, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, are currently unable to open sports books. The Connecticut legislature is not expected to tackle the issue of sports betting until next year, leaving the state’s casinos sports betting free for the time being.

Need a primer on sports betting? Check out this useful sports betting quick start guide provided by Twin River then pick your favorite team and head over to the first legal sports book in New England!